Robust & Pore, “High Roller”

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You know those songs where an emcee just falls into the cut so smoothly, his voice operates as an attachment to the production? That's my shit. Songs in which the rapper buries his or herself into a seamless flow that complements the hypnotic intoxication of a buttery beat always grab me in ways no other music can touch; for example, Bahamadia's “Rugged n' Ruff”.

In my mind, Chicago's Robust has always been a master of the “in the cut” flow, which stems from his keen selection in beats. Whether it's collaborations with Prolyphic as Stick Figures, the D.I.T.C.- like production of Max on Grown or his own push-button concoctions, Robust seems to make a concerted effort to establish a comfort zone for his multi-syllabic bar structure. Based on the recently leaked “High Roller,” his latest collaboration with new-on-the-scene Chicago producer Pore is no different. It's a track for the older heads that can't seem to let go of the 90's vibes – not that there's a problem with that.

Robust & Pore are dropping an EP next month that is 15 songs deep, which has me wondering if the dudes at G4 know the definition of “EP”.

The Something To Sit On EP is out December 7 on Galapagos 4.

Robust & Pore, “High Roller”