Rosebug, “He Doesn’t Know”

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New York-based dreampop quartet Rosebug – comprised of Rebecca Chodorkoff, Chris Nunez, Tarra Theissen, and Drew Adler – might be coming off of the high of releasing their debut record Worst Way in November, but that doesn’t mean they’ve slowed down. In fact, they’ve got another new single, and we’ve got your exclusive premiere.

“He Doesn’t Know” sets in with an infectious beat and a guitar riff reminiscent of some 90’s favorites. Chodorkoff’s ethereal, lightweight vocals make you feel like you’re in an insane dream, floating in the clouds. Punk influence weighs in, and there’s no denying the creative genius of this band.

“This song is pretty self-explanatory: it’s about feeling utterly desperate and lame, while simultaneously superior and above it all—getting totally consumed with a fantastical projected idea of a person, only to surmise that it’s all bullshit, really,” admits Chodorkoff. “There’s something really fun about surrendering to your own internal narration of your life and this song is definitely toying with that.” 

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