Sad Horse, “You Are Idiots”

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“Top of the Morning! Congratulations! You Made the Grade! You're fuckin' amazing!” screams Elizabeth Venable or Geoff Soule, who share the vocal duty – without video I'm not sure I could know whether the voice was male or female, nor can I tell who the occasional rabbitty squeaks and feral screams that are interjected between the shotput lines are emitted by. It's best not to assume, anyways: who cares? The Portland duo crashes through this song, enlisting the help of the Dada spirits to jump on top of the lazy bed of punk rock for a mere one minute and three seconds. The drums and the guitar are tight and raw, but they aren't there to be as heavy as possibly, like how some other rock and roll duos turn everything up to 11 to max out their sound. Sad Horse aren't trying to fight you or prove anything. They are just hyper kids on way too much sugar, playing songs that roll in their own giggles and secret meanings.

You can stream a couple more songs on Bandcamp from their LP Purple on Purple Makes Purple on Waterwing Records, which you can also buy. (Waterwing, by the way, is KILLING it this year with their releases. Psychic Feline is great, Witch Gardens is great, and I just noticed they re-released Amps for Christ's Circuits…Pay attention to this label all year, folks…)