San Gabriel, “Nu Boots”

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San Gabriel

When former Pit Er Pat founder Butchy Fuego is not performing and touring in Boredoms, he stays productive as San Gabriel. With a name like Butchy Fuego, one would think an alias is unnecessary, but the San Gabriel moniker, with its East LA connotation, offers Fuego an identity beyond the one associated with being in a legendary band.

With Time No Place too tender of foot to have a unwaivering identity in EDM, San Gabriel still sounds well-suited for the LA label given their already pan-global roster extending out to Copenhagen's CHLLNGR. Before San Gabriel extends TNP's exploration into hazy-dub-minimalism with VOLFE, the label is breaking us off with the Gore Text b/w Nu Boots single.

An A-side deserves a complimentary B-side. The near-blip dub of “Gore Text” is balanced in mechanical stutters and atmospheric texture. Fuego shows great attention to found sounds and space for the A-side, but “Nu Boots”, a B-side left off VOLFE, is all heater. “Nu Boots” is the track Fuego can lean on when a DJ set needs the intensity kicked up tenfold and he's ready to see some areosal flamethrowers burning up the skies.

VOLFE is out in May on Time No Place.