Sin Asps, "Moog Suicide"

Post Author: JP Basileo

It seems, when an artist is intrigued and influenced by the effectual shaping of sound, an electronic project is soon to follow. Chicago-based musician Anthony Cozzi’s involvement in bands like Cococoma and Radar Eyes would suggest a proclivity for the expansion of musical capacity. His project, Sin Asps, would hit you over the head with said proclivity. Stepping away from guitar hooks, and going knee-deep in full-on synth-beat compositions, it’s his most far-reaching endeavor yet. His first single, off a S/T debut released by Moniker Records, and appropriately titled “Moog Suicide,” is a complete meditation of fabricated rhythms, with its gravelly upward-swinging repetitions like a massive windmill whose wings bottom out and must pass through mud and grime. But that ground it strikes is the dance floor. And you must dance, so says the razorsharp drumming. Lush, golden-hued synths beam over the quaking quagmire and and coats the dancer in its warmth and alleviates the intense grip of the track’s pummeling pace. You’d think Cozzi’s been doing this since birth. Another lead is introduced—urgent, determined, like it’s on a mission, and the whole convoluted nightlife drama plays out under the dim impression of hope. A doozy.