SISTERS, “Trails”

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Seattle’s SISTERS are back with “Trails”, their new single that sees them further exploring the retro dance vibes of their previous effort, ‘’Buck”. “Trails” opens with restrained joy as a crisply produced swell of synths slowly rises behind vibrant vocals and percussion recalling the opening to a classic late ‘80s/early ‘90s television show. Soon, the song takes a few great strides forward into new eras of pop as chunky distortion briefly peppers electronic moments following a triumphant chorus.

There is a lo-fi quality to the synth and electronic tones on “Trails” that gives the tune a vintage authenticity, as if it were plucked from the radio timeline and reinserted into the context of modern indie pop. This blend of the past and present is beautifully explored on the song’s prismatic bridge of trailing melodies that circle and swirl around one another like sonic celestial bodies in the night. This same effect is echoed by the song’s final moments as Emily Westman’s vocals follow Andrew Vait’s, tracing the other’s melodic path into silence.

“Trails” will be released November 12. You can follow SISTERS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, SoundCloud, and on their website at