Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers, Welcome 2 Texas (All-Star 2010 Mixtape)

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Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers Welcome 2 Texas All-Star 2010 Mixtape

Houston favorite Slim Thug is back with Welcome 2 Texas, a tape loaded with new material and features from the best of southern royalty.

If you look down the tracklist for this mixtape you'll see Mr. Lee produced a handful of songs. Mr.Lee and Slim Thug are like Dr. Dre and Snoop, Timbaland and Jay Z, or Zaytoven and Gucci Mane; they were born to work together. On top of that you see names like Z-Ro, Fat Pimp, Luda, Chalie Boy, Bun B…the list goes on. This tape is fire, and if you we're to put it on a stack of newspapers it would burn down your house. Then you'd be all sad, but your friends would explain, “you put complete fire on top of a stack of newspapers. You should have known what would happen.” And you wouldn't even get mad because you'd know they were right. That's how good this tape is. Get it.

Slim Thug, “Wanna Choose” (Feat. Pimp C, L.E.$ + prod. by Mr. Lee)

Slim Thug, “Throwed” (Prod. by Beanz N Kornbread)

Download the full mixtape here.

Welcome 2 Texas (All-Star Mixtape 2010) tracklist:

01 O Let’s Do It f. Trae
02 Dedication 2 My Haters
03 Sweet Love
04 Lemonade Flow
05 Rogers-mix-lude
06 Goin’ Hard
07 What’s Happenin’
08 Wanna Choose f. Pimp C & L.E.$
09 Homegurl (rmx)
10 Strippers f. Lil Ray
11 Rep the Dirty f. Ludacris, Dre Day & Kez
12 Hit Dat Hoe Flow f. J-Dawg
13 Silm Speaks
14 Flex (All-Star Remix) f. Party Boyz, Z-Ro, Fat Pimp, Dom Kennedy, Treal Lee and Prince Rick & Ca$h
15 Houston f. Cityy
16 None Of Ya Biznezz f. Lil O
17 Ike Turner Pimpin’ f. Juice J & Project Pat
18 Keep Rollin’ f. Devin
19 Say Something Flow
20 Strong Enough Flow
21 Fresh Dressed Fridays
22 Starched Down
23 Throwed
24 Hard Work (rmx) f. Dom Kennedy & Rich Boy
25 I Wanna Rock
26 I Look Good (rmx) f. Chalie Boy & Bun B