Slow Magic, “Songs To Fly To”

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I’m sensing a theme with Slow Magic, the moniker of a mythical creature and imaginary friend. Slow Magic is the spirit animal of your wildest dreams, sent to guide you away always. From the How To Run Away LP released earlier this month, to the contribution to our Friday Night series, entitled “Song To Fly To”, Slow Magic wants us to escape the norms, the doldrums, and the common places that make up our daily habitats.

Slow Magic is the mischievous fox mask that knows the way to secret gardens and a distant oasis. On “Songs To Fly To”, we are presented with a terminal, mostly desolate. Our flight is soon, but as we delve deeper into the mix it becomes apparent we should look into alternate flights, more exotic destinations, and never fear the unknown.

Our imaginary friend Slow Magic had the following to say regarding the mix:

This is a mix of songs I made as a companion to air travel. Sometimes on tour, flying can be the only chance to relax and have uninterrupted time. These songs helped soundtrack flights over the Atlantic, Europe, United States, and Africa over the past few months ♡

Slow Magic’s How To Run Away is out now on Downtown Records and streaming on Bandcamp.