Stalgia, "Spirit Animal"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie make up LA based Stalgia. The synthy r&b duo focuses on making music that will meld with one’s body while listening to it.  The trans like beats are combined with vocals that connect with the r&b world.  Signed to Evan Bogarts’s (platinum songwriter for Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna) label Crooked Paintings, Stalgia has a new single called “SpiritAnimal“, putting on display their unique sound.

Spirit Animal” has that hard hitting synth beat that rocks you to your core.  The vocals fade in and out, developing an ambiance that can only be really appreciated when played through ear phones for a fuller effect (although the song still sounds incredible without headphones).  Stalgia is on the rise, and “Spirit Animal” will just be another rung on the ladder to their stardom.

You can find more information about Stalgia on their Facebook, and their numerous other social media outlets.