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We gave you the debut of their title track, and now you can hear an advance stream of Heaven's forthcoming album, Telepathic Love from Goodnight Records. The mental connectivity between Matt Sumrow (of The Comas, Dean and Britta, Ambulance LTD), Mikey Jones (The Big Sleep, Snowden, Swervedriver), and Ryan Lee Dunlap (of Fan-Tan) offer up shared extra sensory perspectives of sounds that exist between (and beyond) the big sky and inside the humble heart. Before you dive into the following, Matt, Mikey and Ryan sent the us following exclusive quips of reflections, statements and thoughts for your supplementary enjoyment:

“Through the magic of science, this thing called 'Heaven' truly becomes a metaphor for all things once thought impossible.”

“What we want, what's most important to us, is that the seeds of love are planted deep where once there was a river.”

“…when I was like 12 years old my mom asked me how come I only wear black. I told her because I was in mourning since I heard the house of love burned to the ground.”

Telepathic Love is like a tiny atom bomb you can set off like whenever, wherever, and not get on trouble . . . Unless of course you want to get in trouble.”

The opener pounds the NYC pavement with technicolor rhythms on “Colors in the Whites of Your Eyes”. On the album's title cut “Telepathic Love”, I found myself discovering/re-discovering the band's push toward the grandiose twentieth century pop machines when the goal was to have your sound recorded as big, as bright and as loud as a chorus of a thousand bells striking in time possibly could-while the constant buzz of electric-charged items surround all.

“Falling Apple” treads with a steady foot through the orchards and beneath the subdued background ambient radio and ocean waves with, “under the water we go”. One of the many tenets of Heaven's mission is to provide these external glances of celestial happenings on earth, like the topographical rearrangements on “Mountains Move”, to the dark clad re-visitations of ancient New York ghost excavations on “New Amsterdam”. Ryan's Jaymar piano touches dot the Sunday morning window speckled dew drops of “Southern Rain”, bringing you to the prime time soap opera atmosphere of the “Put Me Away (Interlude)” that marks the beginning of the album's final third act.

“Once the Heartache” exists in those head flipping eras where you know there is an indie revival/revolution going on. The “Heartache” spins your dome around as you ask yourself whether or not this was ripped from the early days of rock independents, the paisley shirts, and 60s obsessors. Listen as the day-dreamers of yesterday become resurrected, the ones that foresaw beyond the noughts and archaeologist audio restoration period we live in now with the so-called millennial age. Keeping these aspects of time in mind, “Centuries” catapults all the aforementioned into that endless space where you could just slowly nod your head and shake a couple of maracas in place for hundreds of years more to follow.

Pre-order Heaven's album Telepathic Love from Goodnight Records to receive one of 500 limited pressings on translucent blue vinyl, and a free copy of their split 7″ with Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody.

Catch Heaven at their release show at NYC's Mercury Lounge July 31.