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Hailing from Los Angeles, MOTOFIGHTR craft beats synonymous with that city’s bright, brisk pace; the duo’s upcoming EP, Pacific Post Highway, could easily soundtrack an early summer’s drive down the coast. The EP’s first track, “Grow”, is a shining introduction via glossy synths, steady beats, and dynamic waves of shimmering sound.

MOTOFIGHTR are no strangers to this sunny approach. The duo is comprised of Miles Gabriel and Alec Feld; Feld’s other endeavor, Expensive Looks, is a New York-based project that blends house, new wave, and tropical influence. It's no surprise that a move to the West Coast would inspire such sunny vibes, with the addition of Knife-like vocals and beaming highs and lows on “Grow”. Hold tight around the 2:20 mark: shit's truly golden.

Pacific Post Highway comes out July 15.