Tadhg Daly – Too Late

Trying to find a connection with every moment and escape normality, London based, Jersey born singer songwriter Tadhg Daly spent his adolescence battling with himself. People, parties and drugs took him down a darker path until an unfortunate injury lead him to explore his lifetime connection with music.

With a motivation and message sure to resonate, Tadhg shares Too Late – anthemic vocals meet an inspired songwriting foundation, and displays all sides of Tadhg’s talents. Despite it being a debut, he is clearly no amateur and this is the perfect introduction to both his sound and vision.

Sharing an insight to Too Late, Tadhg states that:
“Too Late is a song about freedom. For me it’s about finding light in dark moments and using the harder times in life as a catalyst for change. When I perform this track live I really feel like I’m having a conversation with my old self and with anyone in the crowd who has found themselves in a toxic relationship before. I want this song to help people realise their own self worth and find the courage to walk away from anyone or anything that isn’t showing them the love that they deserve. ”