The Bilinda Butchers, “Crystal Tears”

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The Bilinda Butchers named their group after the My Bloody Valentine singer/guitarist, and you can tell that the admiration stems directly from her trademark wispy, reverbed vocals. The reverbed singing is one of the most imitated musical traits of the last 20 years or so, being ported easily into dance music of a lighter variety, like “Crystal Tears”, this first track off of goodbyes, the follow-up EP to last year's self-released regret, guilt, love, dreams. The San Francisco-based group, made up of Michael and Adam, might not be out of their teens yet, and it shows in this preening, delicate song. A perfect track to apply eyeliner to, the aforementioned vocals are given a good amount of height over a phased-out rhythmic track and a very pretty guitar melody.

The Bilinda Butchers, Crystal Tears