The Helsing Junction Sleepover Will Be Magical

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The Helsing Junction Sleepover is in it's seventh year, and it might be the most idyllic music festival of the summer. August 24-26, K Records and a bunch of other people invite everyone to camp out at the Helsing Organic Farm in Rochester, Washington, which is a town with a bare minimum of roads about half an hour outside of Olympia. Other than the Pacific Northwest being the most beautiful place in the world this time of year, the farm also features wholesome festival amenitites like swimming in a pond, fresh produce, and lots and lots of stars at night. Other highlights: it only costs $40 for all three days; it's probably kinda BYOB-ish; no pesticides; no stage.

Doesn't that just sound perfect?

The line up this year even has some bands people outside of Washington State will of heard of, which is pretty unusual – it's usually just Olympia denizens with a sprinkling of Calvin Johnson associates. The icing on the cake this year is Mt. Eerie, a.k.a. Phil Elverum, who will probably be playing tons of material off of his new record. In addtion, there will be films, dancing, and random cute shoeless children wandering around.

Here's the full line up. According to K, we should note that artists are not listed in order by time, and that everyone should just plan to come for the entire day because there's no way to know when anyone will play at this chill sesh. Editorial in the line up by K.

FRIDAY 8/24 (Extra Rock 'n' Roll)
Gary May, Craig Extine & The Exiles (so good!), The Memories, Brainstorm, The Curious Mystery, Hysterics, Malaikat dan Singa, (films!)
SATURDAY 8/25 (Dancing!)
Jared Snyder, Alan Alexander, Danny & Karen, The Solvents, The Shivas, T Kette, Hive Dwellers, The Maxines, DJ JOEL! (yes, Helsing has DANCING & breaks for swimming), Tender Forever, Nucular Aminals, Jeffrey Jerusalem, Angelo Spencer et les Hautes Sommets, LAKE, Mt. Eerie, DJ Joey Casio!
Liv Carron, Houndstooth, Pets, Safe, Briana Marela, Sandman, Kendl Winter