The Man, “Accordion” (Madvillain cover)

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According to their press release, “The Man was born out of the Louisville underground art scene of the early 1990s.” And if you were as curious as I was about the early 1990s art scene in Louisville you can read more about it here. The band themselves, George Wethington (Speed To Roam), Troye Powers and Rick Bennett, were all members of the early Louisville hardcore scene and have been active in the scene for over 20 years. The Man may have been around since the early 90’s but they are just now releasing their first album ever.

“Accordion” is a Madvillain cover that has been stripped down of most of the hip hop and replaced with some wildly expressive free jazz. The track draws some nice Tom Waits vibes to the Doom classic and is hardly recognizable from the original. With the raw sound of a bass, some bongo drums, harsh vocals and a saxophone, it feels like you are listening The Man sometime around midnight in a coffee shop in downtown Louisville. The only thing the track is missing is some appropriately timed snapping and a scratch n’ sniff cigarette smell.

The Man’s first ever release Born From Blood is available October 7 via Loin Seepage.