Themselves & Why? kick the bathos for promo

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The liberal arts college freshman of seven years ago has secretly been waiting for this day to happen as he or she sits at a desk job, drumming a pencil to a coffee cup, nostalgic for the days of art rap. It's hard to concede that five years have passed since the last Clouddead album. It's like parting with your dreadlocks. Points to anyone who was down since Greenthink.

As an act of counterfeit collaborative promotion for each band's respective efforts, the rappity rap duo of Themselves and the crisis-of-taste think tank that is Why? offer “Canada” as a stab in the face. If the hatchet is buried, then let's get the reunion machine revved up and running. The climate is perfect. Hip hop deserves a homecoming for its only noise band.

More importantly, these guys have not garnered the blazoned praise of Italian-American culture critic Piero Scaruffi since Clouddead's debut. Seriously guys, let's cut all the side projects, cut all the meandering about, and concentrate on stealing that #1 spot from It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.

Themselves & Why?, “Canada”

Why?'s Eskimo Snow is out September 22 on Anticon.

Themselves' CrownsDown is out October 20 on Anticon.