Human Suit will silence the lambs

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Remember being white and middle aged? Remember how hip hop used to make you feel as though it was not safe to be on the same side of the street as the youth? Yeah, those were the days.

Isaiah the Tooth Taker is a name that should generate concern. Allegedly, this man, when he's not effortlessly spitting off a dope 16 bars, is out there collecting teeth in a jar from the people he knocks the fuck out. I really want to see a video interview with an annoying journalist, preferably the type who try to out-clever comment the artist, just catch a bad one from Isaiah.

Human Suit is Isaiah's collaboration with former Galapagos 4 recording artist Mestizo and Chicago producer (also G4 affiliate) Meaty Ogre. We need to brush up on our street slang, as the most relevant word for this music we can conjure is “gully.”

Human Suit, “I Gotcha”

Expect an LP in the near future of music that will have Buffalo Bill tucking his junk in fear and give Frank the Bunny nightmares.