We Leave At Midnight, The Holy Rolling Flower Band

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The Holy Rolling Flower Band is evidence of the creative mastery found within We Leave At Midnight. Carrying a more punk than soul fix, Impose has the exclusive album stream from their brand new release. Ceasing any sense of ‘Monday’ issues, The Holy Rolling Flower Band is a dose of morning coffee.

“Dover Dog” is a personal favorite, and a 3-tiered experience; first, guaranteed foot-tapping, second, some healthy vocals, modest guitar rifts, and a reserved pause, third, a gut-clawing guitar solo. The immediacy of my admiration for We Leave At Midnight and The Holy Rolling Flower Band is stunning.

Tapping into what must be an understanding of primitive human instincts, the first play of the first song you hear from this group is likely a successful hook. These hippies know how to play. You can give their album a listen below, and if you dig it, can pre-order over Bandcamp and check them out on Facebook.