Young Fox, "Sometimes the Monsters Win"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Sometimes the Monsters Win” is the first single from Young Fox’s full length debut album Sky Beats Gold.  The quartet from Pittsburgh made up of Luke Cypher (vocals/guitar), Martin Lunn (guitar), Chris Hawthorne (drums) and Callan Carnahan (bass), has created a solid rock single with an infectious hook (“Pleading heart now to take you in / Try to sleep through the night / ‘Cause sometimes the monsters win.”)  With influences ranging from Deftones to Radiohead, Young Fox has poured emotional lyrics and skillful instrumentals into a song that reflects their own sound.
“‘Sometimes the Monsters Win’ is an ode to failing,” admits Lunn. “It is an acknowledgement that the first step in solving a problem or addiction is that you won’t win all the time, and that each time you fail, your job is to remember that feeling and allow it to change your heart.”

Young Fox has spent the last two years working on Sky Beats Gold, including producing it themselves.  It is definitely worth a listen when it comes out March 10th. It is available for preorder now.