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DD/MM/YYYY break up

It is with a heavy heart I pass along the news of DD/MM/YYYY's untimely demise. I know that sounds rather morose, but with no offense to the 50 or so odd bands I've worked with over the past decade, there was not a nicer group of people among them then these dudes from Toronto.

Officially they tell it:

“On behalf of the members of DD/MM/YYYY, we would truly like to thank all of the people who have helped us in any and all capacities. The labels who have released our records, the agents who have booked us, all of the bands who have taken us on tour, publicists, people who have seen us live, written about us or shared word of our band, friends, new and old who have put us up, fed us and taken care of us. We look forward to seeing you all again as performers, friends and peers.”

A closer look would reveal the rigors of touring upwards of 200 days a year and making four other men the focal point of your life for eight years, contention and the need to spread one's wings becomes innevitable. Or as one of them told me at their past (and last?) NYC show at Cameo on Friday, “we've become a skeleton of what we once were.” They then went on to play their final US show ever—appropriately also the biggest—Sunday at ATP with Portishead (who chose them to play).

So we bid you adieu DD/MM/YYYY. From our first encounters at an epic CMJ show, to the maticulous, and near-perfect Black Square album you allowed us to put out, it would be wrong of me to say you were our favorites. Let's just say you will certainly be missed.

*DD/MM/YYYY still has a handful of Canadian dates left before hanging it up for good. Including a yet-to-be-listed Toronto date on 11/11/11. Tour dates below:

10/15 – Montreal, QC @ Torn Curtain
10/17 – Truro, NS @ TAAC Grounds
10/18 – Halifax, NS @ Gus’s Pub (Halifax Pop)
10/19 – Quebec City, QC @ L’Agitee
10/21 – Toronto, ON @ 918 Bathurst Street w. Child Bite