Did you see Guitarkestra?

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Impose was proud to present the Plastic Crimewave Vision Celestial Guitarkestra, an open source band of epic proportions—all curated by psychedelic renaissance man Plastic Crimewave— that invites anybody with a guitar, an amp and a power strip to join in and play alongside members of Oneida, Vetiver, Tower Recordings, Espers, and a bunch of very special guests on this once in a lifetime (in New York) event. Also Puffy Areolas (Ohio/Stiltbreeze), Samara Lubelski, and Prince Ruperts Drops started things off.

Double also: Two releases that are relevant to this time and place have also graced our ears and must be noted:

Sir Richard Bishop's The Freak of Araby (out now on Drag City) has blown me away upon each listen (many), and his homage to Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid yields an extremely rich album, that is song for song better than just about anything else you are going to hear this year.

Sir Richard Bishop, “Kaddak el Mayass”

James Blackshaw does not mess around for a second on The Glass Bead Game (out now on Young God Records) putting the 12-string guitar to great use. Definetly calls to mind John Fahey, or the over-achieving British cousin of Six Organs of Admittance. Whatever the case, it's almost impossible to believe this guy is under thirty years of age and could put out an album of such complex beauty. Watch the video below to get an idea: