Future Trends, Dangers of the Night

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If we didn't know any better, we'd say Ohio is on a roll. Between Cloud Nothings' ascent and exiling Drew Carey to ballparking the cost of foot massagers on Price Is Right, the state is slowly creeping back into our good graces. In this spirit of renewal comes Future Trends, whose debut LP, <em>Dangers of the Night

, was released a few weeks ago.

Continuing the trend of disgustingly precocious artists that force you question what the hell it is you're doing with your life, Andrew Clark happens to be an accomplished graphic designer in addition to creating sensual 80's synth pop, which he does surprisingly well given that he was born in 1989.

Dangers of the Night includes a few tracks off his initial early-2010 teaser, Palace of Dust, as well as a handful of new offerings. Let “Darkness,” with its balance of Clark's tranquil baritone with his pointed melodies, whisk you away from your troubles.

Future Trends, “Darkness”