Justice to release Audio, Video, Disco this fall

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Lovers of neon and crucifix imagery, rejoice! The Grammy-nominated electro-dance duo Justice, pronounced yousteece if you're French or pretentious, is set to release their long-awaited second album, Audio, Video, Disco on Ed Banger Records/Because Music/Elektra. From what we gather, the album will be something of a departure from the jumpy, frenetic sound that Justice cut their teeth on and inspired so many music-making partiers to emulate in the late '00s. Instead, expect, in the band's words, a progressive-rock album that's not so much a “night in the city” but an “afternoon in the country.” Somehow, I'm having trouble imagining Xavier de Rosnay or Gaspard Auge with banjos and hayseeds in their teeth, but we'll have to see.

The album will also feature guest vocals from scads of different musicians from across the globe, including Morgan Phalen of the New York band Diamond Nights, Vincenzi Venetta of Australia's Midnight Juggernauts, and the UK's Ali Love. Check out the latter on the album's first single, “Civilization,” the somewhat intense video for which is below. I'm not seeing any ten-gallon hats just yet, but maybe I'm missing something. The album itself comes out October 25.