New Black Heart Procession!

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That title really says it all. The house band to the Sad Bastard Club is back in action, and from the looks of the cover art, this first single, “Rats”, and the track listing for the new album, Pall Jenkins and his pals are out for blood. Somewhere on the other side of the world, one Nicolas Cave is scratching his head and going, “how the fuck do I do something to top this?”

Temporary Residence Ltd. will release Six on October 6.

Black Heart Procession, “Rats”

Track list for Black Heart Procession's Six
01 When You Finish Me
02 Wasteland
03 Witching Stone
04 Rats
05 Heaven and Hell
06 Drugs
07 All My Steps
08 Forget My Heart
09 Liars Ink
10 Suicide
11 Back To The Underground
12 Last Chance
13 Iri Sulu