Please don't ask us about the weed thing unless you're in NY

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We were asked by clothing-to-canvas apparel maker Seasick Mama how exactly we at Impose aim to beat the recession in six words. We couldn't think of anything so we paraphrased.

Come hang at Stand Alone Gallery September 19 and 20 for “Don't become the things you hate” (12-8pm). You can buy t-shirts with our six-words or those devised by a number of other upstanding publications.


Seasick Mama, a Brooklyn-based canvas to clothing apparel company, will be presenting an exhibit called, Don’t Become The Things You Hate. In today’s contemporary recession, an industry that is struggling to survive is the print and magazine world. To reach out, Seasick Mama has asked almost a dozen magazines, bloggers, and other local favorites to express “how they survive” during this difficult time..but in only six words.

More details here.

Go to Stand Alone Gallery at 129 N. 6th St. (Btwn Bedford + Berry Avenues) in Williamsburg, September 19-20, 12-8pm.