Stream Ghostly International’s Ghostly Versions Remix EP

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To commemorate the release of the Ghostly Edition TMA-1s, a special collaboration between AIAIAI Headphones and Ghostly International, the label that sonically cavorts without inhibition has released a three-song suite of specially curated remixes entitled Ghostly Versions: Music For Headphones.

Featuring edits by Monty Luke, Vatican Shadow, and Moors, GV: Music For Headphones explores the tiers of sound best discovered through the cancelation of white noise through AIAIAI’s signature headphones. Moors’ remix of Lusine’s “Arterial” is the first to test the range by leaving Lusine’s layered, axial synth lines atop a far dirtier grumble from the low end than found in the original. While Vatican Shadow’s rework of “Abscondence” by Recondite settles into the a deep house depth so submerged that it exists outside the frequency of computer speakers or an inferior pair of headphones.

Purchase the Ghostly Edition TMA-1s via AIAIAI, an excellent gift for the audiophile in your life.

In other Ghostly news, the label announced the second installment of its collaboration with fellow indie patron saints Adult Swim, Ghostly Swim. The first glimpse into Ghostly Swim 2 comes from Babe Rainbow and their track “Don’ Tell Me I’m Wrong”. Ghostly Swim 2 is a 13-track compilation of “wayward ambient” and “seasick house” (because nautical theme) courtesy of unreleased offerings from Anenon, Shigeto, Heathered Pearls, CFCF, and more.

Ghostly Swim 2 is out December 23.