The Books Set to Release Huge Box Set

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Nick Zammuto has moved on to his new project, the obviously named Zammuto, which is a combination of his trademarked electronic dallyings and good old Northern Massachusetts field hippy vibes – the Idiom Wind EP is worth your money. He's steadily recording under this name, and he began to tour earlier this year, with a band he assembled that includes his little brother Mike on bass (Hi Mike! Remember me from high school? Probably not, we never spoke.)

But if you are a collectivist you might be interested in this post to The Books Tumblr recently:

Big news for ‘The Books’. We are releasing an extensive limited-edition box set of all our releases plus a lot of bonus materials, both visual and auditory towards the end of the summer. I can’t reveal any details until we get the first demo copies in a few weeks, but I am very excited about this. It will be the perfect way to wrap up a project that I lived and breathed for the first 10 years of my career.

I can't imagine that this won't be a beautiful piece of reissue to chew on, so follow that Tumblr. In addition, Nick goes on to say that he's started recounting the story of the ENTIRE PROJECT, song by song, on his own blog. So far, he hasn't made it past the prologue, but it seems like this is going to be extremely autobiographical, as opposed to being some sort of technical journal. So far, this is my favorite sentence: “This last track came directly out of the Clinton impeachment hearings and was my first foray into spoken word sampling.” It would be cool if he published it to go along with the box set…ahem.