February 2024 Mix

Burial, Infant Island, Escuela Grind, Gulfer & more get the new year started off right

If you’ve been paying attention, 2024 is off to a fiery start musically thanks to a number of amazing new releases. There’s plenty of potential for another banner year in indie music, and to keep track of everything, we’re reviving our monthly mix series – featuring the best new tracks from indie, DIY, up-and-coming, and under-the-radar bands and artists.

From the past month, we were blessed with fantastic full-length albums from the likes of Infant Island, The Smile, glass beach, NewDad, Astrid Sonne, TORRES, and more. We’ve included standout tracks from those LPs, as well as new singles from Higher Power, Erika de Casier, MGMT, Sega Bodega and others who have full-lengths in the works or dropping on the horizon.

You can dig in to our playlist below – either via Spotify or YouTube, whichever you prefer. Although as usual, the YouTube mix features a lot of really awesome music videos to go along with the tracks. You can also peruse the full tracklist below that. Enjoy!

1. Burial – “Dreamfear”
2. Gulfer – “Too Slow”
3. Erika de Casier – “Ice” (feat. They Hate Change)
4. DJ Sabrina The Teeanage DJ – “Anything Lost (Can Be Found Again)”
5. MGMT – “Nothing To Declare”
6. No Windows – “Song 01”
7. Infant Island & Greet Death – “Kindling”
8. Francis of Delirium – “Blue Tuesday”
9. TORRES – “Wake to Flowers”
10. glass beach – “coelacanth”
11. Escuela Grind – “Meat Magnet” (feat. Barney Greenway)
12. 999 Heartake Sabileye, Duane, & karl koyomi – “Faygo”
13. Higher Power – “Absolute Bloom”
14. The Smile – “Under Our Pillows”
15. The Umbrellas – “Gone”
16. Astrid Sonne – “Do you wanna”
17. Sega Bodega – “Deer Teeth”
18. Houses of Heaven – “Within/Without”
19. Liquid Mike – “K2”
20. NewDad – “Where I Go”
21. The Last Dinner Party – “Burn Alive”
22. xaviersobased – “finna go ot”
23. Kinoteki – “Nosebleed”
24. Sprints – “Shadow of a Doubt”
25. Gulfer – “Heartshape”