Hoodlem's Toronto Hometown Heroes Playlist

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Australian artist Hoodlem releases the track “Teenager” and announces her new highly anticipated EP releasing some time in early spring. Recently moving to Toronto, Hoodlem co-produced her new single “Teenager” with artists GXNXVS and Yeo.

In celebration of her recent single release, Hoodlem presents us with a handcrafted playlist packed full of smooth and cool jams, guaranteed to get you through any work week. Take a listen and relax. Hoodlem gives us her take on the tracks below.

Birthday Boy ft. Trish – Magic

This song is a great collab between these two. I love the bendy synths and the topline is sweet and catchy.

 Shagabond – Citrus Shampoo 

I love Shagabond’s production style-it makes me want to sit on a beach with a cocktail. He is also such a legend human.

Memorecks – Raging Dreams

James (memorecks) mixed my new record for me. I met him through friends and he is such a great producer who makes some crazy same based stuff.

Maddee – Weight

Maddee’s voice kills me, I love her phrasing and she sings it with this ease that reminds me of a Sunday morning. I played a show with her in December and live, she sounds just like the record.

Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis – Get You

I think this is a really great song to make out too, just too damn sexy.

Charlotte Day Wilson – Work

Charlotte is just stellar and this song is such a powerful statement of the support of women and it’s so moving it really hits my heartstrings.

A l l i e – Keep On

I first heard this track when I moved to Toronto and it’s been exciting watching her really lead the scene in Toronto.

River Tiber ft. Daniel Caesar – West

I just completely melt when I hear this song, period.

Aiwake – Crescent Lane

I love this track so much. Probably one of my favorite songs to come out of Toronto in the last while. Definitely has been on repeat.

TiKA– Debt

I have seen TiKA perform a couple times in Toronto and she does this incredible Prince cover. Her live show is so captivating and she is seriously an inspirational woman!!