July 2021 Mix

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Featuring the stunning lead single from Magdalena Bay’s hotly anticipated debut LP & more

Magdalena Bay is one of the best bands in the world night now, period. And over the last few years, they’ve proved it with an utterly prolific output: dozens of wondrous singles – almost all of them with their own dazzling DIY music video – spread over the course of several fiery EPs. It’s kind of incredible that they’ve yet to release a full-length album.

That’s about to change. Yesterday, the duo of Mica Tenenbaum and Matt Lewin announced their rabidly anticipated forthcoming debut LP Mercurial World, which arrives on October 8 via Luminelle Recordings (pre-order HERE). With lead single “Chaeri,” MagBay continues to level up in every way possible. Here, their retro DIY dance pop sound ignites with a celestial and futuristic flame – underscoring elements of hyperpop and vapory, clubby house music. The track ponders friendship, mental health, loneliness and control, and culminates in a bombastic electronic crescendo that hits stratospheric heights.

“We spend all of our time together, and in some ways Mercurial World is about that particular sense of madness in containment,” Lewin shared. “We live together and make art together; this immerses you in our creative, insular universe.”

As always, Magdalena Bay dropped a stunning video to go along with it, this one trading out their usual VHS-style aesthetics in favor of a bigger budget, sleeker cinematography, and a transfixing array of set design, costumes, props, and fog machines. Directed with eye-popping aplomb by Luke Orlando, it’s another galvanizing effort from the music video legends.

That headlines our YouTube mix for the month of July, which also includes new songs, videos, and performances from the likes of Lingua Ignota, Nation of Language, Turnstile, and one absolutely unreal live clip of metalcore overlords Gulch performing a DIY gig in their hometown of San Jose. With concerts on their way back, it’ll leave you foaming at the mouth. You can check out the mix and tracklist below:


1. Magdalena Bay – “Chaeri”
2. Wavves – “Hideaway”
3. Hater – “Bad Luck”
4. Lingua Ignota – “Pennsylvania Furnace”
5. Homeboy Sandman – “Go Hard”
6. Gulch (LIVE in San Jose)
7. Babehoven – “A Star”
8. Small Black – “Duplex” (Com Truise remix)
9. Rain on Fridays – “No Feet Mailman”
10. Low – “Days Like These”
11. Wednesday – “Cody’s Only”
12. Nation of Language – “Across That Fine Line”
13. Night Beats – “New Day” (LIVE on Levitation Sessions)
14. Yves Tumor – “Jackie”
15. Pom Pom Squad – “Crying”
16. Pozi – “Sea Song”
17. Geese – “Disco”
18. Negative Gemini – “House of Trix”
19. The Microblades – “Rainy Day Fund”
20. Turnstile – Turnstile Love Connection
21. Lucy Dacus – “Brando” (LIVE on CBS This Morning)
22. Hot Mulligan – “Bleed American” (Jimmy Eat World LIVE cover)
23. Indigo de Souza – “Kill Me”
24. OMB Bloodbath – “Don’t Do It”
25. Nite Jewel – “This Time”
26. Pictureplane – “Aerial Black”
27. White Flowers – “Day by Day” (LIVE at the Mill)
28. Dua Lipa – “Love Again”
29. Slow Pulp – “Iowa”
30. The Cool Kids – “Hibachi” (feat. KEY! & Nikki Sweets)
31. DARE – “Different Method”
32. L’Rain – “Suck Teeth”
33. Cool Heat – “Drift”
34. The Murlocs – “Eating At You” (LIVE at Brunswick Ballroom)
35. MIKE – “Spiral”
36. POND – “Toast”
37. FM Skyline – “Veil”
38. Dean Blunt – “Zaza”