LOVE SICK Create the Scottish Artists You Should Hear Playlist

Post Author: Impose Automaton

The Scottish Dynamic duo known as LOVE SICK is the brainchild from the fascinating minds of Shaun and Julie. The two first met as if it was their fate while working for the same life insurance call center. Then at a work Christmas party, Julie intoxicatedly admitted that she has always wanted to be a singer. Again, they unexpectedly ran into each other at a train station in Glasgow, and it just took off from there. LOVE SICK just released the newest and passionate single “What I’d Do” that you can stream below.

Check out LOVE SICK’s 9 track playlist Scottish Artists You Should Hear as they give us their sincere opinions of each track.


Turtle “Blood type” and “Lavender”

“Emotive as f***. Perfect chill music. We first caught turtle at a festival called Kelburn Garden Party where he played a show on a stage surrounded by trees with the sun setting. It was perfect.”

Bossy Love  “Wind me”

“The vocals are so hooky in this particular track but equally as good as the rest of their stuff on Spotify so it was hard to pick one. Even better live.”

Stillhound “Time Enough for Love”

“This beat is sick. Makes you want to dance. It has a bit of a Caribou swim feel too.”

Fatherson “Joanna”

“Incredible song. Total tear-jerking emotional rollercoaster. The vocals are incredible on this track.”

Skjor “Living without you”

“The beginning of this track almost sounds like it could soar into a London grammar style song before going into indie sound and channeling Florence and the machine.”

Rascalton   “Alone”

“This song has got a classic indie anthem feel. For fans of The Cribs. Really great indie sound.” 

Kathryn Joseph “the bird”

“I remember hearing and seeing this for the first time on STV Glasgow’s music show and falling in love with the track. A few years old now but an amazing song. I would recommend this to fans of Joanna Newsom fans.” 

ST.MARTiiNS “9teen”

“The vocal has The Cranberries feel in places. You can really feel the lyrics.”