SMHOAKSTOCK 5 at Shea Stadium

Post Author: Walter Wlodarczyk

Starting at midnight on Saturday, December 12 and ending at midnight on the following day, SMHOAKSTOCK 5 took place at Shea Stadium featuring Smhoak Mosheein performing for twenty-four hours with 100 friends such as Oliver Ackermann (A Place To Bury Strangers), Noah Kardos-Fein (Yvette), Courtship Ritual, Travis Johnson (Grooms), Sarah Register (Talk Normal), Justin Frye (PC Worship), Eartheater, and many others. There was also visuals from Mary S, Sean Brahman, Ginny Benson, Preston Spurlock, Arrien Zinghini, Mike Raftery, Alex Nathanson, and Jonas Bers, food by Zaxnax, 24 hours of live Twitter commentary by Alaina Stamatis, and live portraiture by Alexandria Tarver, Ted McGrath, Sto, Julia Norton, Antonia Kuo, Preston Spurlock, Maya Hayuk, Mark Shue, Nick Kuscyk, Boats, Jeremy Aquilino, and Arthur Arbit. Photographer Walter Wlodarczyk photographed all 24 hours (and more!) for this massive gallery.

Smhoak Mosheein gathered many friends to take over Shea Stadium for 24 hours for the fifth edition of SMHOAKSTOCK.