Supersonic – November 2021

Post Author: Impose Staff

Featuring new stuff from Battle Ave., PODEROSA, Dinero Romero & more

Another month, another round-up of Impose’s favorite new releases from the past month. Be sure to follow our picks on Spotify and to submit your new music to our team for consideration.

The Organizing Committee – Informatic Resistance

A wavy, sharp synthesized strut that morphs and mutates atop of a highly percussive rhythm section.

Son Step – Hissing Sauna

Shapeshifting pop sonics dissecting the absurdities of non-fungible tokens, disposable art, and addictive technology. Another shimmer from Son Step

Battle Ave. – There Can’t Be Love

“There Can’t Be Love” goes on as much of a dynamic journey across seven minutes as Hudson Valley’s Battle Ave. have in the past six years since the band’s last release.


Gothic synthwave and trip-hop from South Central’s PODEROSA


This full-length LP between Eyedress and YUNGMORPHEUS does not miss.

James Wyatt Crosby – Shadow of a Ghost

A quiet lullaby over a lofi drum machine opens up to reveal its hidden valleys

Dinero Romero – Laser Beam of Consciousness

Kaleidoscopic “denim-psyche” from Kentucky’s Dinero Romero. Beam me up.

Psychic Pollution – BEAT06

Brooding drum machine music for a midnight escape.

Death Drive – Starseed

Twinkling nostalgia for the midnight dreams – evocative and dreamy-eyed.

Pearl – Recall

A caustic head-splitter for blitzing the pit, from Baltimore’s “spiniest punk band.”

Ania Hoo – Pink Trees

Ania Hoo’s layered vocals work perfectly with this neon synth bass groove.

Furrows – Burial

Midway between Sufjan and Elliot Smith, Furrows’ final single “Burial” from their debut album deserves high praise.

url, Inadelle – magic wand

Intoxicating falsetto with a gorgeous groove. url and Inadelle craft a smooth jam with “magic wand.”

Green Gerry – Heaven 22

Sun-soaked four track psychedelic pop from and for the living room, via Los Angeles’ Green Gerry.

Alcopops – True Bugs

Searingly loud wall of noise guitar feedback wrapped up perfectly within a strong melodic sensibility from Portland shoegaze outfit Alcopops.

Edward White – Without You

Propulsive dance production perfect for a night drive. Soaring vocal samples and starlit arpeggios from Edward White.

Cedar Park – Forget

In-your-face post-punk with a soaring anthemic chorus, and a wailing experimental bridge.

Sanctuary – Rifts

Delicate modern ambient that slowly gives way and builds into to a full, suspenseful rise.

Blushing – Blame (feat. Miki Berenyi)

El Paso shoegaze group Blushing team up with Lush and Piroshka icon Miki Berenyi for a gorgeous first offering from upcoming album Possessions, out February 18 via Kanine Records.

Teen Mortgage – Valley

Garage fuzz duo Teen Mortgage provide a spacious atmosphere on “Valley” before unhinging their jaw to swallow up the negative space.

Revolution Above Disorder – Illuminate

Forlorn post-punk electronic shoegaze from Dubliner Stephen Nicholas White.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Corners Pressed

Crisp, upbeat dream pop hitting a sweet spot between Real Estate and DIIV, new album from Letting Up Despite Great Faults out 3/4/2022.

GNOME x brick cabins – I didn’t get out of bed today

Industrial noise and squelching guitar sonics shake and rattle atop of a booming drum march.