Veio, "A Touch of Prog"

Post Author: Impose Automaton
For music listeners out there who like rock music and want to hear some bands with a fresh sound this playlist is exactly for you. Each band has a progressive side to them and these songs are very accessible for prog music. Enjoy!

Tool – The Pot: Easing into the playlist, this should be one that most people have heard.  It’s sure to get the head noddin a bit.
Caligula’s Horse – Rust : This is an amazing band out of Australia and this song is a perfect example of the prog scene over there now. This song has a great blend of dynamic, groove and melody
Karnivool – New Day: Staying within the Australian prog scene, Karnivool are giants over there and there sound has inspired many new progressive artists including us.
Jolly – Dust Nation Bleak: The bass tone in this song is out of this world. Really anthemic soaring vocals in the chorus. Amazing song
Tesseract – Dystopia: Tesseract blends Djent and prog. Each album they put out has songs that flow perfectly into one another that makes listening to it truly an experience.
Mastodon – Steambreather: Bringing back the prog side of Mastodon on the new album. Have to love the “Desert” rock vibe.
Rishloo – Feathergun: Northwest’s own Rishloo is well known for throwing in amazing vocal lines and melodies over experimental sounds and structures. A must listen.
Fair to Midland – Musical Chairs: I wish this band would get back together. They made a couple of albums with diverse music and sounds that really tie in well together.
Karnivool – We are: Had to put these guys back on here to end it. Excellent song and video for it. Masterful musicians that should receive more notoriety.
Infinite Light//Desperate Shadows is out now. Keep up with Veio here.