The Son of God takes up the Cowboys’ burden

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Hallelujah! WELL. We have a lot to discuss. This is a story about a man. A man who is here to save Jerry Jones. It appears as though a Dallas man by the name of Frank Hoover obtained and released some sketchy photos (first reported by Terez Owens) of the Cowboys owner partaking in some bathroom antics with some young women who are not his wife of 51 years. The story could end here. It could be the story of another old, rich, powerful businessman who committed some extramarital transgressions and is deeply remorseful for his actions under the eyes of the PR Gods. But Jerry Jones is just the beginning. This story pertains to a different sort of God. The Son of God himself, who claims to be risking his own life, one that’s in danger from the dark shadows of a conspiracy organization who planned on using these photos to blackmail and extort Jerry Jones.

Frank Hoover had sent Mr. Jones a letter. A 20-page manifesto detailing his relationship with a group of people who planned to use these photos for no good. He’s warning Jerry Jones. This Prodigal Son is taking Jerry’s burden, sacrificing himself for the good of I have no idea what.

Please read this manifesto, in which Hoover details his relationship with a man named Kevion Hickman, AKA “24K”, whom he worked with at a Jamie Foxx charity event, which eventually led to a scheme hocking Apple TVs. He soon learned that 24K and his cronies took these photos of Jerry Jones. This letter is his strife, it is his plea, it is his existence. He claims to have the mark of God. He described a mess of cosmology—signs from the heavens, including The Grand Conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, the Triple Shadow Transit of Jupiter, and the Blood Moon Tetrad, which somehow correlate to Jones’ birthday, Hoover’s father’s birthday, and the California Gold Rush in 1848. He writes of his physical signs in scars and cysts. He writes of numerological Biblical certainties. “The Mark of God and the Beast are mentioned in the bible in Deuteronomy 6:8 (F:H my initials) and Revelations 13:16 (my birth areacode in Wichita, KS +1316).” It’s a dissertation proving his deity from the direct word of God and using this power, this struggle, to save the soul of Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

This Son of God fears for Jerry Jones. He is sacrificing himself for the good of this great man. Please, for the love of Frank Hoover, read this manifesto and let it shine a light into the depths of your mind that hold dear the deep psychosis of this plane of existence. Plunge into the mind of Jerry Jones’ savior.