We interviewed the Nike+ dick runner

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Nike+ dick runner

Claire Wyckoff is a Copywriter who grew up in Virginia and attended Middlebury College where she double majored in theatre and film. She also loves drawing dicks.

When she runs.

Using the Nike+ app, Claire “draws” while she’s getting her daily exercise; the street is her canvas, her feet are the medium. Sometimes she creates loveable characters, like dogs or Slimer. But most of the time she just runs in dicks. The self-described artist recently gained internet notoriety when her story was picked up by Uproxx, so we figured we’d take a little time to find out more from this jogging Picasso.

The photo of Leslie Nielsen on her website would suggest she’s more than just a dick runner. We were right.

The artist.
The artist.

First question, do you see yourself as an artist who runs, or a runner who draws?

I see myself as an artist. Period. I’m about to tear my ear off.

Where did the original concept come from? Did you “accidentally” draw something or notice an image after you first went for a jog?

I went for a run and noticed it looked kinda like a dog. I might have been stoned. Either way I decided right then and there to run an actual dog.

Your first drawing was a corgi (pretty innocent), but a day later it was your first dick, on Father’s Day no less. Why dicks? Did Father’s Day play a part in your inspiration to honor the male genitalia?

Dicks are hilarious. Have you ever recorded yourself doing the Running Man and then watched it back in slow motion? That’s why dicks. The Father’s Day thing was actually a coincidence. But it was a beautiful one for everyone but my father. Which made it even funnier to me.

Any vagina plans?

I have an OBGYN appointment soon and I think my menses could start this week. Which is probably why I’m crying. Which normally only happens during sex.

How do you map out the drawings in advance? It seems like that might be the most difficult part.

Running is the most difficult part. Because it doesn’t involve me on a couch with a cheeseburger. But yeah, I map them first.

Has Nike contacted you about this at all?

No. They’re missing a huge opportunity.

I see you do voice over work and have appeared in commercials, have you tried getting in touch with Nike (or any other fitness companies) about doing something like this for one of their ads?

This question made me realize my agent should be answering this. Also, I need an agent.

What is it about San Francisco that’s made for such a satisfying tableau?

It’s close to where I live. That’s nice.

I notice you travel quite a bit, any plans to do this in other cities?

No plans yet. But I’m game.

Have you considered turning this into a modern-age Cynthia Plaster Caster, and attempt to draw celebrity penises?

Oh yeah. I’ve thought about celebridicks. I think it could be cool.

You joke about money/wanting money online a fair amount, is this merely an attempt to parlay dick drawings into a small fortune?

Yes. But also cause I think money is funny.

Do you take requests?

Sure. But I don’t mouth kiss.

How much for you to make an Impose run for us?

I need to find an agent really fast.

You can follow Claire’s runs on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.