Spritzer, "Sad Clown" (ft. Judd Nielsen)

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Time moves on, seasons change and inspiration, hopefully, springs eternal. It’s been a little over five years since I last contributed words to endorse the music of Matthew Meade, and I’m happy to be doing so again today for a different outlet and project.
As is often the case, Meade found himself writing in a more classic style that did not quite fit for the more experimental aesthetic of Friend Roulette.
“I didn’t know anything else to do but to show them to Julia of Friend Roulette,” he explains, “who, upon hearing a song called ‘Melt,’ laughed and said, ‘Hell no, I’m not singing that!'”
And with that, Spritzer was born. Now with a debut album on the way, Love. Lies. Decay., Impose has the exclusive premiere of its latest single, “Sad Clown” (ft. Judd Nielsen).
The breezy cut offers blends warm doses of Americana, indie-rock and power-pop as a kaleidoscopic sonic world opens up with a brilliant organ leading the way.
Stream Spritzer’s “Sad Clown” below and look for Love. Lies. Decay. out April 27th via Paper Garden Records. Catch them on 4/25 for their record release show at Elsewhere.