Track x Track: The Rareflowers – S/T

A few weeks back, Impose Magazine premiered “Trip into the Sun,” the final single off of NJ-based rockers The Rareflowers’ debut, self-titled EP. The full short player saw release last Friday via Good Eye Records and to celebrate we had the band break it down for us in their own words track by track.

Check it all out below and be sure to follow the band here for more.

“Trip into the Sun”

“When you don’t act on your word, you really have nothing to say. You could carry your thoughts around all day or you could jump up and put them to use.”


“‘June’ is about that particular feeling of meeting excitement with reasonable doubt based on prior failures when meeting someone new.”

“New Generation”

“It’s one thing to experience something on your own. But sharing the experience with someone else could paint a whole new picture. The future is only as scary as it is unknown.”


“You’ll give your best self at the beginning of a relationship. In time, things will change, but never enough to make you forget why you loved that person in the first place.”