Protomartyr at Warsaw

The garage-post punk vets were purely thrilling in NYC along with opener Corridor

Protomartyr, the beloved veteran garage-post punk quartet hailing from Detroit, came through NYC’s Warsaw last week with openers Fashion Club and Corridor in tow. “It’s good to be back. This is one of the top ten cities in the world…coming in at number ten,” singer Joe Casey quipped.

The band raced through a tight set that included “The Hermit” from Agent Intellect, a rarely-played deep cut that had the crowd frothing. A handful of young crowd surfers sent the show’s energy to stratospheric levels. “We’re going to play three songs of medium quality,” Casey remarked before starting their encore, which included “Ain’t So Simple,” “I Forgive You,” and “Why Does It Shake?”

Earlier in the night, Montreal’s Corridor warmed up the crowd with a dynamic opening set of their own. All in all, a great night for uptempo garage rock and post-punk in New York City. You can scroll through below for some of the highlights.

All Photos by Edwina Hay