Watch White Fence’s first music video ever

Post Author: Katie Capri

For an act with such a deep well of musical expression, it’s hard to believe that the video for “Like That” is the very first visual accompaniment to any White Fence (aka Tim Presley) song. But first music video it is. Directed by Jay Howell, “Like That” is the first single off Presley’s debut for Drag City, For the Recent Found Innocent.

The black and white moving picture follows Presley on a comically harrowing trip to the clink. He keeps his acoustic guitar in hand as Presley gets the shit beat out of him by cell mates and spirit kicked out of him by his girlfriend’s waning visits. He keeps a stiff upper lip and listless stare, though. That is, until, at his breaking point, he locks eyes with one of the surly wardens and… well, just watch and you’ll see what breaks next.

For the Recently Found Innocent is available now on cassette, vinyl or for download here.