Annie-Dog talks new music & latest single “Double Cherry”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

The Irish singer-songwriter’s new track is quirky, subtle & captivating

Music hailing from The Pale is sure to leave a lasting impression. A nation full of complicated histories, Ireland is no stranger to breaking the mold. One such musician, Annie-Dog, encapsulates a pop universe that is strange yet captivating. With the release of her latest track “Double Cherry” via Dance To The Radio, listeners will be easily invited into a tale of relationships that is paired well with a voice that is beautiful as it is eerie. Annie-Dog is new, she is fresh, and she is odd in all of the best ways. Listen to her work and learn the artistry that is purely hers.

A vast electronic plain is opened to the listener with the onset of “Double Cherry.” Annie-Dog’s soft vocals ride a whirring wave through the listening journey. Her placement of subtle beat pauses piques the interest of the ear. The track’s flow is casual yet inviting. Fans are offered up a place of vulnerability that they can relate to without shame or discomfort. There are obvious ’90s-’00s influences throughout with that added Annie-Dog touch to send it on its way to her place. Listeners will feel content to linger a while within the confines of the melodies. All in all, it is a short and sweet song that may be the perfect gem for the days to come.

She shared some welcome insight into her planetary orbit and did not leave anything out:

You offer such an original sound that seems completely YOU, what  about you do you think shines in this new music? 

I think what shines through, and what you can probably hear in the  music, is that I’m not a perfectionist…I usually end up focusing more on  the feelings than the facts.  

What push and pull do you struggle with when writing or producing? Do  you have any specific examples? 

I get writer’s block sometimes when I’m writing the lyrics.  

What seasonal adventures do you partake in to get the groove going or  to just have a good time? 

I’m not sure. There are definitely quite a few seasonal adventures I do not partake in, for many different reasons, like skiing and jumping into the Irish Sea. Neither of those seem like a good time. I usually prefer to just listen to music to get the groove going. Or watch a movie.  

How does it feel to be in the music space? What would you change, if  any? 

I can’t be too sure if I am in “the” music space. I’m definitely in a music space. Usually…often enjoying it. I’m sure there are plenty of things that could do with some changing. Probably too many to name. However, if I could change something about my music space, it would be to have better lighting. It’s so dark in there.  

What advice would you give to a new musician eager to jump in that you  wished you had known before you started? 

Well, I feel like I’ve just started myself. So I’m not sure that I have the authority to give out any advice, yet.