Bonny Doon Tour Diary

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Recently, Detroit-based punk collective Bonny Doon went out on the road, showcasing their incredible talent in several fun spots. The road trip was a pretty entertaining experience, and they decided to document it and share their tales exclusively with Impose.

Started tour in our element at the legendary Trumbullplex in Detroit, and played with our friends The Vitas and The Drinkard Sisters.

Headed out to Chicago and had the fortune to play with guitar virtuoso Moon Bros.

Josh picked up a denim duster in Madison and our pal Tyler set up a stacked show at Mickey’s with Dusk and Proud Parents.

Popped in to Daytrotter to do a few songs then we got to Bloomington early to catch up with some friends.

There was a tribute to the recently passed Billy Nightshade of the Gizmos, with some esteemed Bloomington elders doing a rendition of “I Wanna Be a Dead Astronaut”.

Met up with some of our favorite Detroit expats in Nashville, where many of the Gillis clan have migrated, and some play in the excellent band Study Hall.

Ezra from Cross Country helped us make our first trip to Cincinnati, then we headed out east to Philly. We were mostly there for leisure but we had time for a basement show with Radiator Hospital and Marge.

Got to play with the incredible B Boys at a sold out gig in Brooklyn, then ran into Donnie and Jess on the street the next day.

Ended tour in Baltimore which has begun to feel like a second home with our friends Outer Spaces. We took an obligatory end of tour group shot.

It was a long drive back to Detroit from Baltimore but we took comfort knowing our Devo Duck on the dash would steer us home safely.
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