Deaf Poets Tour Diary, Part I

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Hey Impose Magazine! We are Deaf Poets and we are a garage rock band from Miami Beach, FL. We are currently driving to the west coast in support of our newest record, “Lost in Magic City”. We will be on the road from May 10th-June 3rd and we are visiting states we’ve never been or performed in. We are joined by our good friends Benny Bolet and Domingo Rafael Narvaez  So far we are two days into our tour and we’ve played in two cities form our home state of Florida. Both Tallahassee and Pensacola were a first for us and we took advantage of the opportunity.
Tallahassee 5/10

Our first stop was the state capitol. We performed at The Warrior with locals, The Intoxicators. Two Miami natives, Peoplewatch and Derik Fein joined the bill as well. Shoutout to Peoplewatch for the hospitality!  During the day we stopped for provisions at our favorite supermarket, Publix. If you’re familiar with Publix, you’ll know that they have the best chicken tender subs and juicy rotisserie chicken. We got our mojo chicken and some deli meats to make sandwiches for later. Turns out that for some reason the deli meat was not in our cart, so we went inside to inform them and one employee gave us the ok to remake the order. As Domingo was walking out, he was detained my management and accused him of stealing meats (#delithief). Turns out that after camera review (yes! they held us there as they reviewed the cameras),  the meats were put in a bag and the customer behind us placed his items in the same bag an took off with our purchase. Deli crime is a real thing when you’re a touring band.  
The next day we visited FSU’s college radio station, WVFS The Voice to see if we can drop off some music. We casually strolled in and were immediately in love with their set up. Every wall was covered with music memorabilia, posters and stickers covered the hallways. We were greeted by the radio host who seemed very confused as to what we were doing there, eventually very politely thanked us for our visit and we made our way out.


We had some time to kill before our show at The Handlebar w/ Luckily I’m the Hunter and Post Pluto, so we went to Blackwater River State Park were we took a dip in the river. We didn’t have bathing suites so to all the people in kayaks and canoes that saw four dudes in their underwear, you’re welcomed. After our outdoor adventure we went back to Publix (#delithief) to get supplies for our picnic by the water. We had a great time playing Pensacola and all the bands and the venue were extremely welcoming.

We are currently on our way to New Orleans to play at The Hi Ho Lounge with StereoEater and Merkablah. We will update you guys next time!
Thanks for reading!
Nico from Deaf Poets.