Dominic Angelella Talks Inspiration, Prepares for Debut Solo Album Goodnight, Doggies

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Even though Dominic Angelella‘s musical resume could put some of the greats to shame, he (surprisingly) hadn’t entirely struck out on his own quite yet. Until now. Slowly he maneuvers new music into the fold, as he prepares for his debut solo release in February of 2017. While we wait with bated breath for that, check out his new single “Savior” and our quick interview with Dominic.

How did you get your start in music?

Probably my parents. They were always playing music around the house and are pretty much responsible for the stuff I still connect with today, putting me on to Prince, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, etc. My dad and I started playing guitar at the same time and I think he stopped around when I could play “Badfish” by Sublime better than him. Then I played in bands In Baltimore for a while, then moved to Philadelphia and played in bands there. Now I am here.

What’s one of the earliest records you can remember leaving an impression on you?

Magical Mystery Tour probably. I made a babysitter listen to “I Am The Walrus” and asked her if she thought the weird voices said “everybody smoke pot”. That record in particular blew my mind, that and the White Album, that whole phase of their career when they jumped genres. It worked for nine year old me because it felt like parody and I was already super into Weird Al.

The first records I discovered on my own were the first couple Green Day LPS, some Wu-Tang records and Beck’s Odelay-Midnite Vultures run. I still come back to all this music and find new things.

How do you stay inspired to continually create new music?

Writing songs is probably my favorite thing to do so I just work on music all the time and if it seems good I’ll figure out how to record it. It’s really nice to play on other people’s records/in other people’s bands because I can shift my focus and take a break from writing. The key for me is to keep my music making diverse so I don’t stress too much about any one thing.

Were your friends and family supportive in your pursuit of music?

I have some really inspirational and supportive people in my life and I feel very lucky.

What went into the creation of “Birthday Song” and ultimately Goodnight, Doggies.?

The songs in Goodnight, Doggies. were recorded over the course of four days at this studio Kawari Sound out in Wyncote, PA. “Birthday” was a song I had been working on for a year or two and initially demoed it with my old band Drgn King but it didn’t feel done until we made the current version. Most of these songs had been demoed/worked out in different incarnations before this recording.

So many records I love were recorded in a relatively short period of time, so I gathered a small group of people I wanted to make a record with and we holed up in the studio until it was done.

Is there an ideal state of mind for a new listener to best connect with Goodnight, Doggies.?

I dunno, on your phone? At home? Whatever you are down with. I am big into context with music but am not a stereo snob. Sometimes you need to listen to someone’s Bandcamp on your phone speakers.

Where do you feel most comfortable as an artist? On stage, in the studio, on the road?

I definitely love traveling and playing songs for people the most. I used to hate recording but I am coming around on it these days.

What’s your dream collaboration?

That’s tough because I know so many talented people that I’ve already had the pleasure to work with. I would love to play guitar on a Cass McCombs record. Or Joanna Newsom.

Justice League or The Avengers?

? Was always a Batman fan so I’ll say JLA but I do love the Avengers too. Comic books were very important to me as a little kid because i felt like I was too young to be reading them, especially when every superhero got a ‘gritty reboot’. Stuff like Daredevil and the comic where Batman got his back broken made me feel like the world was a scary place and the superheroes kinda felt like bad guys at times which freaked me out.

Goodnight, Doggies. is out February 3rd, 2017. It is available for preorder now.