Get Pumped For Dreamers’ Debut LP Release This Album Does Not Exist With 5 Crazy Tour Stories

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s cosmic rock trio Dreamers – comprised of Nick Wold, Nelson, and Jacob Wick – is about to release their debut LP, This Album Does Not Exist. We may have to wait until the album drops on August 26th to enjoy all of the amazingness it holds, but the band chose 5 hilarious and incredible (and adorable and insane) tour moments to share with us in their own words.

1. Cat 

We once rescued a cat from under the hood of a truck in middle-of-nowhere Texas.  Instead of dooming her to the wilds we took her on the road with us.  We had for a couple of weeks sneaking her into hotels and trying our best to raise her.  We named her Little Trucker, found her a great home with friends and passed her on tearfully.  

2. Detroit Papa Smurf 

We were once blessed my a man in Detroit by the name of Papa Smurf. He was super cool and nice and claimed to have blessed many great bands who played at The Shelter, where we were about to go on stage.  He the proceeded to give us each magical ‘Booya Beads’ to hold in our pockets for the show. If I recall I had a great show that night. 

3. The Galaxy and Coyotes

Just 2 days ago, at the end of our short tour with Bear Hands, and during the last night of our month tour from NY to LA, we decided to sleep out under the stars in the Nevada desert.  We had heard there was a rare meteor shower striking the Earth and wanted to see it.  We’ve never seen such a clear view of the galaxy and so many shooting stars as this.  At one point in the night what sounded like a hundred Coyotes started howling on all sides of us.  

4. Tornado

We once came close to a massive house-breaker tornado in Oklahoma.  We were driving on the highway and it touched down ahead of us, moving straight for the road.  I was driving and I floored the gas pedal to get past its path and it crossed the highway behind us.  We then pulled over to snapchat it.. 

5. Epic Journeys

The craziest thing we think about as we look back at the last two years of touring is just the fact that this is our life.  We’ve circled North America countless times in a van, shared stages with many of our favorite all time bands, made countless friends and had countless crazy experiences all in a short time.  And this is just the beginning for us as we are far to stubborn to ever quit.  Here’s to a life of weird and wonderful things. 

This Album Does Not Exist is available for preorder now.