Isolation & Equilibrium: Q&A with Lou Canon

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Canadian artist talks songwriting in the Russian River Valley & her forthcoming LP Audomatic Body

While the world is stuck indoors, music will be the saving grace each day that passes. Without delving too much into the craziness that is COVID-19, fans need a release. One piece of musical antidote comes in the form of Canadian songstress Lou Canon. With the upcoming release of her new album Audomatic Body on July 10th via Paper Bag Records, Lou is a forward-thinking voice during this desperate period. Listeners can get a taste of the magic to come with her latest single and accompanied video, “Ancient Chamber“.

Following up her excellent 2017 album Suspicious, Canon’s new collection of music will examine the complexity of relationships and their evidential growth. Her evolution in her craft is apparent as she launches into a more canorous experience in Audomatic Body. It will be a valuable endeavor for Lou all the way through, and loyal fans will be pleased with the continued adventure.

“Ancient Chamber” is a glitchy trip into a video game. Listeners are suddenly transported to a world in Lou Canon’s Matrix. Here, her captivating voice quavers in a spellbound trance that ears cannot ignore. Fans will be taking an unusual journey in this soundscape that propels them further into her grasp with each whirring note. It is eerily pleasing to a point where the listener is skeptical of their current state. Maybe this is perfect for this moment in history? Either way, Lou Canon’s success in an ethereal heaven is entirely her own. More goodness is sure to come. 

Lou recently shared with us her thoughts on her work, and getting through the days at home. You can read that interview and watch the beautiful video for “Ancient Chamber” below:

How has this new track and upcoming album helped you grow in your music creation?

I fell in love with an all-in-one sampler, synthesizer, sequencer called the OP-1. This miniature piece is about the size of a computer keyboard [with] endless possibilities. You can pull it out almost anywhere. I became slightly obsessed with pitch shifting my voice…through that process I began to seek out other unique voices. In the end there are ten of us on my upcoming record – a chorus of sorts.

What keeps you on your toes while creating?

I am inspired by a new environment. I’ve mastered the minimal pack. I can assemble a recording setup wherever I happen to go. Some of my favourite work on this record was written in the Russian River Valley, California. I’d spend my days hovered over the dining table in a tiny, one room cabin that overlooked where the river met the Pacific Ocean. At 4 PM each day I’d walk Goat Rock Beach and listen to mixes. I thrive in an isolated space, where there is intense pressure to create, with little distraction from routine comforts.

Do you have any ambitious dreams on the horizon? Anything beyond music?

I’m desperate to make a dance video. Not just involving my own body, but with many bodies of all different ages, shapes and sizes. Sounds simple, I know. Yes, it’s been done a million times before…[however], I’m fascinated by the body’s ability to move, express, interpret emotion without the use of words. I had planned to work with a group of dancers in California for an upcoming shoot that was obviously postponed, for another day.

What are you doing indoors to keep yourself sane these days?

At the moment I’m consumed by a collaborative video project. I’ve asked my friends, family and followers to share intimate home footage from their bedrooms. I’m in awe [of my] community’s willingness to participate – it’s moving. It feels so apropos; honouring a time when we’re isolated and alone, but somehow more together than ever. Even though it is awkward at this moment in time to share new work, it’s giving me a sense of purpose. Apart from that, I am dancing barefoot in my kitchen, cooking up a storm consuming carbohydrates [with] homemade pasta and pizza. [I’m having] daily chit chats with all my loved ones. A glass of wine or two at night (or three), indulging in nostalgic rom-coms and circling back to all my favourite records.

Do you have any hopes for the world in 2020?

Finding a new equilibrium with mother earth and one another.

What do artists need to do during this time?

Show compassion, we all need to show compassion by helping and supporting the people around us. Whatever that is for you. Maybe that’s delivering a meal to a neighbour or a grandparent… Standing behind a friend with a small business… Calling your mom everyday… Taking on a different role in your household… Playing to your fans. Whatever makes us feel connected when we have to be apart.

Are you going to go all out once this blows over?

If by “going all out” you mean touching as many people as possible, then YES. I’m going to make a special visit to every single one of my friends and family to deliver good cheer, maybe even hug random strangers just for some extra skin contact.