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« la station radar » is a small label from the South of France.

It was born in 2001 in Glasgow. We had planned to go to Glasgow for six months; we stayed for two years.

We organized a monthly event, playing records and projecting our images, in different places in the city. The four central members for this were sometimes joined by others pals, and we also did some parties for others, like “Call a Meeting” by Stephen Pastel at CCA.

On our return to France we wanted to do more. The idea of the record label came very naturally, as if it was always waiting to happen. In April 2008 we released our first CD-R, then we moved quickly to other formats: 45rpm and 33rpm vinyl.

We love noise, folk, pop, expérimental, improv. We try to regulary put out new releases. We do everything as simply as possible, at home, near Avignon.

We have no career goals. We just want to release music we love…
A lot of music on the horizon! Happy listening!


CD compilation, various (25 bands)

This was a big project. We focused on bands that we love and who need to be better known and to have their music listened to. To compile it, we asked Pink Priest and Jeans Wilder to choose some bands they would like to see featured.
We had initially planned to release it as a CD-R, but when we got all the songs in our hands we decided to do it as our first official CD release.

All bands are from the United States, Canada , and the UK.

We’re preparing a second compilation, this time bringing together artists from Glasgow and UK. This will be released in 2011 with the help of our pals from Glasgow.

Terror Bird 7-inch (La station radar with Atelier Ciseaux)

Terror Bird brought us her dark pop songs from Vancouver. She is a bird with some gloomy and flashy colors.

This 7-inch is different from the others because it’s a collaboration with another label that we love (Atelier Ciseaux).

When Rémi asked us if he could take part in this release, we said yes very quickly. It's been a good experience working with another label.

It should happen more often. We are closer now. It’s also a positive experience for the band, as everybody brings something to the table.

Upcoming releases

Jeans Wilder, “Simpler Times” 7-inch
Ancient Crux and Norse Horse split 7-inch
Skitter with P6 7-inch
Beaters with Ale Mania split 7-inch
Archers by the Sea LP
Horsehaireverywhere LP
Dead Gaze 7-inch
Jeans Wilder Nice Trash LP
Ela Orleans and Dirty Beaches split LP

Past vinyl releases:

Skitter 7-inch
Gummy Stumps “Update from the Nostalgiosphere” 7-inch
Jen Paul and Jeans Wilder Split LP
Ela Orleans Lost LP
Pink Priest Honeysuckle LP
Smegma LP

Fake Tape Series

We have created a series of mini CD-Rs called “Fake Tape Serie” with 14 editions already made, with artwork by Fleur, hand made on recycled paper.

Past fake tapes have included Lee Noble, Astral Social Club, Andrew Paine and Richard Youngs, Yannis Frier, Bird (Cro-Magnon),
Pink Priest, Dirty Beaches, Skitter, Daniel Klag, Archers by the Sea, Indian Camp, Alastair Galbraith, Horsehaireverywhere, and Early Hominids.

Upcoming fake tapes : Enfer Boreal, Heavy Hawaii, Cloud Nothings, Skitter with Ela Orleans, and Annapurna Illusion.

« la station radar » Impose Labeled Sampler

Dirty Beaches, “White Sand”
Lee Noble, “Ape Crisis Center”
Bird, “Stilts.”
Terror Bird, “I Love No”