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We are here now. Why?

About six years ago, around the time I was in high school, I wanted to start a new label. It was a sudden, random thought. It seemed like a natural thing to do. But the timing wasn't right to start one. And at the time I was turning a deaf ear to great bands. Last winter, I met Emma, That's when Sixteen Tambourines suddenly began. I don't know why that's when the timing clicked, but everything's going well now.

We've released a bunch of awesome bands.

Procedure Club, “Slut Fossil" 7-inch, (STR-001)
Procedure Club began as a bedroom pop project of Adam and Andrea in New Haven, Connecticut. Their music is noisy/dreamy pop music that sounds like early My Bloody Valentine. They're influenced by Black Tambourine, Shop Assistants and more. Also, Procedure Club's LP has just been released on Slumberland. This is a memorable first release for our label.

Ale Mania, ESSAYES cassette (with bonus track) (STR-002)
Ale Mania features Andrew from Beaters and Jeremy The Sess, both from San Diego. This release is buried under layers of swirling synths, gated drums and smooth vocal lines. They've had shows with Cold Cave and Nite Jewel and these tracks are culled from their 7-inches off two different labels as well as some compilation appearances with a bonus exclusive track.

Sore Eros, Live at WFMU 1/31/10 cassette (STR-003)
Sore Eros makes moody, cosmic, hazy indie-folk gems, all from the mind of Boston's Robert Robinson, the project's principle song writer, and an occasional player with Ariel Pink. This cassette, from a WFMU session on 01/31/10, includes songs that will be on Sore Eros' second album on SHDWPLY.

Little Girls, “Delaware” 7-inch (STR-004)
This Little Girls track has the taste of murk-pop, which we think is a lot of fun. We received an email from Josh McIntyre one day and then he sent us this release. We happily accepted the request to release it on vinyl, and we're grateful for Paper Bag Record's support. We asked past member Andrew Wilson and Denise Nouvion, a.k.a. Memoryhouse and design crew We Are Bandits to design the art.

Upcoming Releases

Mathemagic, Mathemagic EPcassette (STR-005)
Mathemagic is a collaboration between brothers Evan and Dylan Euteneier that started last summer. They do blissed-out summer harmonies. They've released the five song digital download for “Mathemagic EP” on Paper Bag Records. Our cassette release contains those five songs plus a Memoryhouse's remix of “Breastroke” via shivery synths and a more urgent backbeat.

Coasting cassette (STR006)Coasting is the Brooklyn duo of Madison Farmer and Fiona Campbell. This cassette consists of four songs including two new songs with a download code. Especially, “What You Want” is awesome. Madison is a member of Dream Diary, also. Don't miss the girls' work.

Lookout for other upcoming releases, too: Tennis cassette (end of July), Craft Spells cassette (mid of July), Jeans Wilder / Dunes Split 7-inch (summer 2010), Hatchet Wound 7-inch (summer 2010), Tennis 7-inch (winter 2010), Tan Dollar / Eternal Summer split 7-inch (winter 2010).

Sixteen Tambourines Impose Labeled Sampler
01 Procedure Club, “Vermont II”
02 Ale Mania, “Ramp Age”
03 Sore Eros, “In The Hay”
04 Little Girls, “Delaware”
05 Craft Spells, “Ramona”
06 Coasting, “What You Wanted”
07 Tennis, “Baltimore”
08 Mathemagic, “Easy”

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