T-Rextasy Photo Tour Diary

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Tour was kinda indescribable. We had never been on a “real tour” before- before this tour, we’d played a handful of one-off shows outside of NYC- and suddenly we were piling into a car and driving across the East Coast and Midwest. We played all the hot spots, like Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago, the DIY staples and bigger venues. We also played in the basements of teenagers who knew all the words to our songs, in a vegan cafe in Iowa (the opener was a tap-dance act), and a venue that shall remain unnamed somewhere in Ohio that had a very distinct (read: bad) odor. Two beautiful engaged strangers offered to drive us and rented a 10-seater van. Another stranger in Chicago gave us dinosaur tattoos. A bakery donated 50 loaves of bread for us to take with us.

Tour was a very valuable experience, and we can’t wait to hit the open road again.


Us playin’ other ppl’s instruments 😉 @ All Night Diner, Philly, PA


All Night Diner, Philly, PA stoop pic w/ very generous + kind hosts, Will and Bill


Cool teen punks we saw on the street in NYC


Pic of And The Kids from our Northside show with them @ The Knitting Factory, BK!


Groovin’ Ebun @ Knitting Factory


Clownin’ around @ Knitting Factory


Kissin’ Ebun @ Knitting Factory w/ Brandon of Vundabar- we played with them, too! 🙂


Jess, one of the lovely drivers we found from the Internet (lol) (none of us can drive so generous friends drove us the whole time)


At The Empty Bottle, Chicago, with cool weird doll art.


Empty Bottle green room, writin our name on the wall!


Annie getting a dino tattoo from Emily of Supermagical while Vera looks on deviously in Chicago


With our host/showmate Emily in Chicago! She gave us (some of us…) awesome dino tattoos


Emily’s friend, I don’t remember his name, but he was nice and tender


A mad Lena in Columbus, OH


Vera being a ventriloquist’s puppet in Columbus @ The House with No Name


Gland- holy wowww please listen to them (Columbus, OH still)


Vera and Lyris w/ a bunch of free hotel shit somewhere in Ohio


Goodnight Ebun 🙂


Tyler of Birdtapes at Silent Barn merch table!