Team Robespierre

It’s hard not to crush on Team Robespierre. A group of guys who talk collectively about “bringing the dance party” would appeal to most girls (and boys). In a phone conversation with them from Raleigh, North Carolina, where they are winding down their tour preempting their forthcoming debut on Impose Records, the main sentiment they convey is that a significant portion of their MO is fun, fun, fun. This is particularly impressive given that in the time between which this interview was originally scheduled and the time it actually occurs – seven days – their tour van has broken down three times and been left for dead somewhere in California. Yeah, the band is still going.

Keyboardist Ty Kube, non-plussed but still energetic in his assessment of the unfortunate circumstances, recounts how they made their cross-country return: “We rented a box truck and a car to pull our trailer. We broke down and missed one show and made up a bunch of shows on our way back and it was incredible. We broke down and had two days off for vacation in Colorado. We missed Kansas, but booked a show and played on three hours’ notice.”

Such a casual approach is by no means an indication of lackadaisical tendencies. Their live shows are often sweat-soaked vortices of what they describe as a mix of crunk and punk. Mike House (bass and vocals) admits that when the audience is into it then “We get way more into it, but you have to play like there are a thousand people there every night.” He adds, “What I loved about punk rock was that the line between the audience and the performer didn’t really exist. We may not necessarily be a punk rock band, but that attitude is one of the cornerstones of our band. We just want to bring the dance party.” In addition to getting audiences psyched on the tour, the band managed to find inspiration of their own from other bands they have played with. “When we get home we’re going to write some songs that are influenced by some of those bands. All those bands are very, very different but there’s an element of, ‘Well, they’re doing it this way and they’re doing it that way and it’s completely different and we do it this way’ But you look around and can take a little bit from everything and make a new song.”

The Team promises that their album, due out in the winter, will keep the dance party – and hopefully a new tour van – going.